Welcome to the fucking King Dedede WikiEdit

This is the Wiki of King Dedede (despite the fact we barely mention him anymore, making this more or less just a wiki about Notcirclebae memes). Supreme ruler of Hell, dongs, and outdated memeage. You better fucking worship him, or else.

If you're still confused. who wouldn't be. Edit

The is a joke wiki, while most of the people, things and events listed here do exist, the quality of the articles ranges from poor to above average, and with lots of inconsistencies, snark and bias. This may or may not be intentional depending on who wrote it.

The story, from what I can gather is that King Dedede rules over the entire Internet and for some reason had the bright idea to create a band of five idiots to work for him and keep order over the Internet. Unsurprisingly they're terrible at this and instead spend most of their time talking about memes and video games, getting in fights, and making fun of people getting in fights. Then again, Dedede isn't much better, he apperently just sits around all day creating said memes and ironically watching shitty TV shows and Internet videos, so I guess they didn't have much of a role-model to go off of...

Anyways, enjoy laughing at our stupidity, and whatever you do, don't get involved, you don't want to.

Why don't you start by clicking one of these sprites to see the pages for the Memebers? The people you can thank for this hell.

Cherry DropGogglesCDROMLennyCharKnotPostitEmeraldDDRArrowPaintyComputerWaterRoyalCassetteTitaniumToothpastePlateMarkerVinny

Notification Squad!!!!!!1!Edit

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